I created this blog to as an outlet to speak truth in a world that would much rather live off of lies. My passion for Jesus Christ  and love for people has allowed me to have the boldness to discuss heavy topics that others may not want to hear but desperately need. In a world where good is now being seen as evil and evil as good, it’s a burden of mine to do my part in helping people stay committed to biblical truth and grounded on the narrow path.

Writing has always been the easiest form of expression for me so starting this blog seemed like the most obvious option. I love people, and I love to encourage others in their life journey and be a shoulder to lean on if need be. If you want to hear more about why I started blogging, read this. 

 I grew up a Muslim read my testimony here.

Don’t be a stranger, subscribe and stay connected! I would love to hear from you. If you want to chat or if you would like me to discuss a particular topic, send me an email at mariam.ottun@yahoo.com.  


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